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How to Mix and Match Wedding Favors: For the Bride who Wants Variety

Affordability is something most brides look for when considering wedding favors, but a personal touch is also important. A great way to keep things personal and affordable is to choose wedding favors that will fit each guest. An uncle who will be in attendance might have a different style and taste than a sister who will be present. Here are a few great ways to mix and match wedding favors to make them more memorable for guests.

His and Hers

One great way to mix and match wedding favors is to choose a specific favor for male guests and a specific type of favor for female guests. For instance, for a “sweet treat” or “storybook” themed wedding, the Adorable Gingerbread Bride & Groom favors are perfect. The details present in these charming favors are exquisite.

Adorable Gingerbread Bride & Groom Candle Favors

Adorable Gingerbread Bride & Groom Candle Favors

There are both male (groom) and female (bride) candles available to be given out to male or female guests. They allow you to keep all of your wedding favors on theme, while providing something a little different for your male and female guests.

By Season

Another great way to mix and match wedding favors is to choose favors that match each other and work perfectly for the season. Flip-flops are phenomenal for a summer wedding, and while women will adore the Flip Flop Candle favors, men may appreciate the Pop the Top Flip Flop Bottle Opener more.

"Pop the Top" Flip-Flop Bottle Opener

“Pop the Top” Flip-Flop Bottle Opener

This is the best of both worlds; the theme and season of the wedding are still observed while you can infuse a little more personalization by providing the men with a different favor than the women.

Wedding Favor Boxes

One of the best ways to mix and match wedding favors is to utilize wedding favor boxes and then fill them with whatever you’d like. Food is a great item to place inside wedding favor boxes. Give the guys caramel-dipped pretzels and the women white chocolate-dipped pretzels, or fill the ladies’ boxes with chocolate-covered peanuts while the men receive sugared peanuts. When using wedding favor boxes, your creativity and imagination really come in handy.

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