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5 Beautiful Wedding Favor Wrapping Ideas – Get Creative!

If you want to wrap your favors but don’t want to go with favor bags or boxes, there are a ton of creative ideas you can use. Check out these 5 interesting and fun wedding favor wrapping ideas!

Natural and Pretty

For this idea, wrap your gifts in brown packing paper and use a strip of frayed fabric to embellish it just like you would ribbon. You can add dried flowers or herbs to the package, tied on with raffia or string and add a cute gift tag. It’s natural, pretty and really easy to do.

Gift Wrap Ideas

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Lace Embellishments

This makes a super pretty wrapping idea and again, it’s really easy. Wrap the gift in brown packing paper and then cover with lace. Tie a simple string around it and you’re done.

Gift Wrapping

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Fabric Flowers

Use sheer fabric to embellish brown paper-wrapped gifts. Simply create fabric roses by rolling and hot gluing or sewing them. Add them to the package with hot glue and you have a simple and beautiful wrapping idea.

Fabric Flowers

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Cute as a Button

If you’re wrapping a plain box, use simple string and an oversized button to create a super cute embellishment. If you want to cover small boxes first, try scrapbook paper and then embellish with the string and button.

Cute as a Button Wrapping

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Paper Embellishments

You can create paper embellishments of any kind and add them to plain paper wrapped gifts. From flowers to garland, it’s easy and super cute.

Wrapping Ideas

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Use these ideas when trying to determine how to wrap your wedding favors or wedding gifts; or let them inspire you to create something truly unique.

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