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Clever Wedding Favor Ideas for Brides Who Think Outside the Box

While many brides are thrilled with the idea of traditional weddings and favors, others find that they desire something a little more unique. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create amazing favors that your guests will love and that you will be proud of. Think outside the box for your wedding and come up with wedding favor ideas like the following.

Picture Frame Favors

Tiny picture frames can double as your place settings and your wedding favors. Simply add a card or paper inside each frame with a specific guest’s name and place it on the table in front of their chair. When the wedding is over, they can use the frame as an actual picture frame in their home. You may even opt to place a small picture of you and the groom-to-be behind the place card so your guests have a wonderful memento of your special day. The Baroque-Style Place Card Holder/Picture Frame favors are perfect, featuring elegant filigree and a vintage feel.

"Black Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

“Black Baroque” Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

"White Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

“White Baroque” Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

Delicious Cookies and Sweets

One of the most touching wedding favors a bride can give her wedding guests is homemade cookies or sweets. Anything from scrumptious chocolate chip cookies to chocolate covered fruit makes a wonderful favor. These delicious treats can be placed inside a favor box that matches the wedding theme or colors, and you’ve got a personal, touching wedding favor that will be a big hit among your guests. Or, get even more creative and give your guests delicious sugar cookie and muffin mixes which you can also have personalized.

"Love is Sweet" Sugar Cookie Mix

“Love is Sweet” Sugar Cookie Mix

"Love Muffins" Muffin Mix

“Love Muffins” Muffin Mix


Seeds work very well as a wedding favor, because they can represent the couple’s “blossoming” love, and provide guests with a gift that will last long after the wedding. Place your favorite flower seeds inside an attractive container like the Elegant White Mint Tin. Next, find a picture or take a picture of the specific type of flower, and then cut it into a circle that will fit inside the round lid of the favor tin, just like a locket. Place the picture there, and you have a beautiful, unique favor that is genius. You can also find personalized seed packets or place cards already put together if you are a bride that doesn’t have the time for DIY.

"Plant with Love" Personalized Flower Seed Favors

“Plant with Love” Personalized Flower Seed Favors

"Flowers in Bloom" Seed Packets with Flower Pot Card

“Flowers in Bloom” Seed Packets with Flower Pot Card

"Please Be Seeded" Leaf Plantable Seed Place Cards

“Please Be Seeded” Leaf Plantable Seed Place Cards

Elegant White Mint Tin

Elegant White Mint Tin

Wedding favors don’t have to be generic, and they can be much more than a tradition amongst brides who want something unique. Choose a thoughtful, memorable gift for your guests to thank them for taking part in your special day with the ideas above!

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