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Delicious Fall Wedding Favor Bag and Box Stuffers

So you’ve purchased the perfect fall wedding favor bags or boxes; they match your wedding colors and work perfectly with your theme. What are you going to put in them? Here are 3 super cute (and delicious) fall wedding favor bag and box stuffer ideas, and you can do it yourself!

S’more Love

All you’ll need for this cute idea is the makings for smores: graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. You’ll also want some clear cellophane and ribbons that match your favor bags and boxes. Simply stack four graham cracker halves on the bottom, then place two halves of chocolate on top of those, and top the chocolate with two marshmallows (sitting side by side). Place your smore tower on the cellophane and cut it to fit. Pull it up, twist and tie with a ribbon.

S'more Wedding Favor

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Candy and Caramel Apples

A wonderful fall treat, candy and caramel apples are perfect for favor boxes. Simply cover the apples in caramel or candy coating, wrap in cellophane and tie with a bow, and place in the favor boxes!

Caramel Apple Wedding Favor

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Candy Apple Wedding Favor

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Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes - Fall

Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes – Fall

Hot Chocolate and Stir Sticks

Place a cute personalized packet of hot chocolate in your favor bags or boxes, and include a few DIY stir sticks. Simply use straight peppermint candy canes, push them into a marshmallow, then dip the marshmallow in icing and cover in sprinkles. These can be wrapped in cellophane as well.

Fall Personalized Hot Cocoa + Optional Heart Whisk

Fall Personalized Hot Cocoa + Optional Heart Whisk

Candy Cane Stir Sticks

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These fun and delicious fall wedding favor bag and box stuffers are such a great idea, and since they taste so great, you can be sure your guests will adore them.

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