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Wedding Favor Ideas that Give Back to Your Community

There are countless wedding favor ideas out there, but some give you and your guests a chance to give back to the community in some way. If you want your wedding favors to go to a good cause, here are some favor options for your big day.

Giving to charity through wedding registries and using wedding favor ideas that give back to the community are practices that are becoming more and more popular amongst couples today. Thanks to the evolution of wedding registries and what technology can do for us nowadays, newlywed couples have many more favor, registry, and gift options available to them than ever before.

If you’re an advocate of a certain cause or you simply want to give back on your wedding day while encouraging your guests to do the same, consider the following wedding favors that are designed to give back to the community in some way:

Certificates, vouchers, or gift cards to locally-run businesses—One way to use your favors to give back to the community is to contribute directly to locally-run businesses. While this idea won’t work for everyone because not all of your guests live near you, it’s still a great favor option to help support the small or locally-run businesses in your area. You can try gifting your guests with credit that they can use while they’re visiting, such as at a local coffee shop or spa. This wedding favor idea is best for couples who plan on having small, intimate weddings and who have a majority of guests visiting from nearby.

Donations in place of wedding favors—Many organizations are aware of the trend to “gift” your wedding guests with a donation announcement or request in place of material things. To accommodate this, they are providing ways to make the wedding favor option more convenient. For example, the American Diabetes Association and other important organizations will provide cards that can be given to each guest that explains the favor and donation specifics. If you’d like to give instead of consume at your wedding reception, opt for donation wedding favors and encourage a contribution from your guests by doing so. This is one of the best wedding favor ideas to help give back to the community.

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