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Miley Cyrus is Getting Married – What Kinds of Wedding Favors Will Her Guests Receive?

By now, celebrity websites are buzzing with the news that Miley Cyrus is engaged to her long time boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. Although a date hasn’t been confirmed, many sites have already started to theorize about the kind of wedding the two will have. According to Miley and Liam’s personalities and lifestyles, here are a few wedding favors that might be similar to what the pair will offer their wedding guests.

Personalized and Glitzy

Miley Cyrus loves bling. She’s had her own jewelry line, and is often seen wearing glittering jewels. Whether it’s her shiny nose ring or the 3.5 carat diamond ring that Liam Hemsworth purchased for her, there’s no doubt that she loves the sparkly stuff. She’s also been known to wear a glittering personalized necklace from time to time. This suggests that her wedding favors will be both personalized and glitzy. Ladies can duplicate Miley’s style with the Rhinestone Monogram Stickers, which can be placed on sleek favor boxes or bags.

wedding favors

Rhinestone Monogram Stickers


It’s no secret that this starlet loves candy. In fact, she’s been photographed enjoying everything from sour string to M&M’s. There’s a good chance that her wedding guests will receive favors with a sweet treat inside. Girls who want delicious, personalized wedding favors should consider the Personalized Jelly Bean Packs, which feature yummy treats and cute personalized stickers.

edible wedding favors

Personalized Jelly Bean Packs - Parisian Party

Themed Favors

Miley spent a lot of time on her father’s farm as a child before moving to Hollywood to pursue her own successful career. There’s a great chance that her wedding will have a theme, and that her wedding favors will be chosen to complete the theme. Because she’s such a multi-faceted individual, her theme could be anything from country music to Hollywood to princess. There are a slew of themed favors that Miley could choose from.


Finally, both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are very vocal about the charities they support, and are interested in environmental awareness. So, it will be no surprise if the couple goes with eco-friendly wedding favors for their guests. Other soon-to-be brides who’d like to choose eco-friendly wedding favors should consider the beautiful Pure Beeswax Candles, featuring a very natural-looking honey bee perched on top.

eco-friendly wedding favors

Pure Beeswax Candles

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