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Cute and Unique Wedding Favors that Any Couple Can Create

If you’re like most couples, you want your wedding to be unique. Some couples go for a modern touch, others for an eco-friendly edge, and still others want adorable and whimsical. If you fall in the latter category, these cute and unique wedding favors are just for you.

Cute and unique wedding favors can give your special day the personal touch you’re striving for. Of course, wedding favors can become expensive rather quickly, especially when you have all of the preparations done by someone else. What if there was a way to still have cute and unique wedding favors without breaking the bank? Oh wait! There is! These ideas can get you started.

Give Them the Munchies

Who can resist munchy food? Give your guest something tasty and crunchy for the trek home by choosing one, two or three different types of munchy foods – different recipes of granola or trail mix or both should suffice – and package up a variety for your guests. You can pretty up the packages with mason jars, cloth, ribbon, glitter and more. Just be sure you label each jar so that guests know what they’re grabbing on their way out the door.

personalized wedding favors

Personalized Expressions Collection Glass Mason Jars

Vending Machine Fun

Vending capsules are perfect for filling with little tasty treats – anything from peppermints to chocolate candies to candy corn can be placed in these tiny little packages. These cute and unique wedding favors are very affordable and you can make a wide variety of candies available to your guests at this low cost. If you want to add a personal touch, place a monogrammed sticker on the bottom of each capsule.

wedding favors

Rhinestone Monogram Stickers

Tea and Honey

After a long, busy but memorable day, your guests may want to take a moment to sit back, reflect and relax on the day’s events. Help them accomplish this with little packages of gourmet tea and honey stirrer sticks. These can be placed inside of organza bags and topped off with a thank you ribbon. Depending on your budget, you may want to offer a couple different varieties to your guests when opting for these cute and unique favors.

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