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Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for Brides Who Aren’t On a Time Crunch

Do you have a little time on your side to shop for and assemble your wedding favors? If you’re not on time crunch when planning your wedding, try any of these unique wedding favor ideas to impress your guests and make your occasion unforgettable.

Every wedding can benefit from unique wedding favor ideas, but not every bride has time to shop for and put together favors before the big day. Whether you’re having a short engagement or you waited until the last minute to have the favors shipped, you might find yourself stuck with fewer options for unique wedding favor ideas. However, if you’ve been able to plan ahead, have some time to shop and look around, or you have your heart set on special favors and want to cook something great up at the last minute, we have some unique wedding favors for you.

Personal playlists—Everyone loves good music, and there is nothing more thoughtful or more personal you can do to thank your guests for their attendance than to make personal CD playlists as favors. This can be time-consuming, so it’s not for every bride. However, it’s definitely worth the effort. Take your time selecting songs that represent your personality or songs that mean something to you and your new spouse. You can also simply pick out fun, classic songs you know everyone will appreciate on their iPod or in their car on the way to work in the morning.

Homemade goods—Do you have a green thumb? Can you knit? Do you love to cook? Whatever you’re good at, consider giving homemade goods as favors. This is one of the best unique wedding favors because it allows you to make your favors super personal, but it’s also time-consuming. If you’d like to do something like bake or make jewelry, just be sure to allow yourself enough time a few days or a few weeks before the big day to make and package everything.

Photo collage favors—Photo collages of all sorts offer great DIY unique wedding favor ideas. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out and make elaborate framed works of art. You can give everyone something as simple as a framed engagement photo or a split frame with an assortment of pictures. Your guests will cherish unique wedding favor ideas such as these.

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