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Last-Minute Fixes When Your Wedding Favor Ideas Fail You

Have you run into a problem with your wedding favors at the last minute? Are the wedding favor ideas you had in mind not quite making the cut like you thought they would? Here are some last-minute fixes when your wedding favor ideas fail you.

Many brides find themselves looking for last-minute fixes for wedding favor ideas, even when they plan ahead and shop for their favors well ahead of time. Sometimes circumstances change, forcing you to change your wedding favors. Sometimes more guests end up being invited, which means unexpected, additional expenses needed for more favors, or color schemes and design themes change suddenly.

Whether your wedding favor ideas are a bust because you’ve changed your mind about a theme and now you need favors to complement it, or you’ve been forced to spend more money you don’t have on additional favors, try the following last-minute fixes when your wedding favor ideas fail you. No matter what reason you’ve been forced to find an alternative, these ideas will come in handy:

Homemade edibles—You don’t have to be a super star chef to make last-minute favors for your guests. Simple cookies or chocolates will do, and the containers or wedding favor bags you need to store and present them are very affordable. If you’re really in a jam and need something that your guests will enjoy, homemade edibles of any kind will do the trick.

Look-a-like items—If you were generous with your wedding favor shopping because you had more money to work with due to a smaller guest list but now that guest list has grown, try picking out look-a-like items or items that offer the same type of practicality as the original favors you bought. Buy a variety and mix and match to make it appear as if the versatility was intentional.

Home goods—When in doubt, always hit up your local bargain retailer and opt for candles, small 4×6 picture frames, or coaster sets. These items will not break the bank and they’re useful and stylish for a variety of guests.

Try these last-minute fixes when your wedding favor ideas fail you, or get creative and crafty to save the day before it’s time to walk down the aisle!

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