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Quick and Easy Last-Minute Wedding Favor Ideas

Scrambling around for wedding favors because you forgot them or didn’t give yourself enough time to plan? Check out these quick and easy last-minute wedding favor ideas that can help you get those favors done faster than you can say, “I forgot!”

Quick and easy last-minute wedding favors are perfect for the couple that forgot the favor shopping, or the couple that has a small budget for wedding favors or had little time for wedding planning. Really, almost any couple can benefit from these quick and easy last-minute wedding favor ideas. So no matter what your budget or what your timeline, check out these wedding favor ideas you can put together in a flash.

Almonds and Organza

Almonds and candy-coated almonds have been given to guests as wedding favors for centuries. Used to symbolize happiness, wealth, fertility, longevity, and health, five little almonds can quickly be wrapped in a small organza square. Add in some finishing touches like ribbons or wire flowers and your guests will never know that you put these quick and easy last-minute wedding favor ideas together in such a short time period.

Favor Boxes Filled with Candy

There are two ways to approach this item on the list of quick and easy last-minute wedding favor ideas: You can buy pre-decorated boxes or containers, or plain boxes or containers. Pre-decorated boxes and containers will cost you a little more, but they are faster to put together than plain boxes or containers. Before you decide, consider both your budget and the amount of time you have left to put your wedding favors together.

personalized wedding favors

Design Your Own Collection Decorative Boxes - Silver

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"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Boxes

Cookies and Cellophane

For this quick and easy wedding favor, you can bake the cookies or you can purchase them pre-made. Keep in mind, however, that before you dedicate yourself to baking them, it could take a long time to bake enough, depending on your number of guests. You might do best just purchasing pre-made cookies. Once you have them, place two or three cookies in a small organza bag and pull the string. It is that easy putting together this item on the list of quick and easy last-minute wedding favor ideas.

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