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Wedding Invitation Shopping Tips

Shopping for your wedding invitations is an important part of the wedding planning process. Here are some wedding invitation shopping tips to help you make the right selection.

Wedding invitation shopping is a lot of fun, but it still requires quite a bit of thought and preparation in order to ensure you make the right selection for your big day. Like wedding favors and other wedding extras, wedding invitations are often seen as “small” details in the grand scheme of things, but don’t let the task of selecting your wedding invitations fool you! Custom wedding invitation shopping can be time-consuming, and finding the perfect design for a price you can afford can prove to be a challenge. At the end of the day, selecting your wedding invites is no petty task.

To make the invitation selection task easier on you and your partner, use these wedding invitation shopping tips:

Decide on a theme and color scheme immediately—First and foremost, narrowing down your invite selection will make your wedding invitation shopping task much easier. Do this by deciding on a theme for your wedding decor and the color scheme you want to work with right off the bat. Then incorporate that theme and those colors into your invites, only considering options that complement the design you’re interested in. The process of elimination will really come in handy when shopping for invites.

Obtain an accurate headcount—Another essential wedding invitation shopping tip is to obtain an accurate headcount as early as possible. Put together your guest list as soon as you begin planning your wedding, and don’t forget to account for any additional guests you’re going to allow each guest to bring. By having an accurate headcount, you can ensure you don’t buy too many invites or come up short. If you have to purchase more invites, you’ll be subjected to last-minute shipping rates and other inconvenient fees.

Don’t delay—One of the most important wedding invitation shopping tips is to order your invites early. Ordering early isn’t just about mailing out your invites on time. It’s also about catching and fixing any design or printing mistakes long before you mail them out to your guests.

Keep these wedding invitation shopping tips in mind before you embark on the hunt for the perfect invite!

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