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How Can You Use Trinket Box Wedding Favors?

Are you planning on using trinket boxes as wedding favors? Here are some suggestions for how you can use them on your wedding day to make your event especially memorable.

There aren’t many wedding favor ideas that offer the same sentiment, practicality, or style that trinket box wedding favors do. They are typically a bit more expensive than some other wedding favor options, but a majority of them are still very affordable and cost only a few cents more than those other favors you might be eying. This is especially the case when you buy in bulk.

Aside from price, trinket box wedding favors offer you advantages that other wedding favors cannot. They are durable and sturdy, offering your guests a keepsake that will last for years to come, and they are elegant, making them the perfect option for adding some style to your reception decor. Additionally, you can place something inside of them, so they double their value and usefulness.

So, how can you use trinket box wedding favors? Try any of these ideas:

Personalized treasure storage—This is a popular “filler” option for trinket box wedding favors. Use the boxes to store personalized treasure, such as customized jewelry, tissues, or key chains. You can even fill them with personalized candles. Your guests will get two surprises in one!

wedding favor boxes

Fairy-tale Pumpkin Coach Trinket Boxes

Sweet treat surprise—This is another fun idea for how you can use your trinket box wedding favors. Order (or bake, if you have time) gourmet chocolates or truffles and wrap them with decorative baking paper. Then place them in your trinket box wedding favors and allow your guests to enjoy a sweet treat at the reception.

wedding favor ideas

Exquisite Heart Shaped Curio Box

Charitable wedding gift requests—Have you asked that your wedding gifts be monetary donations to a charity or cause you care about? Use your trinket box wedding favors to hold the cards with the charity information on them. When your guests open the trinket boxes, they will see the place card with the charity’s name, website, and phone number.

wedding favor

Fleur Di Lis Design Curio Box Favors

Use any of these ideas to ensure that your trinket box wedding favors are a big hit on your special day.

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