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Three Fun Ways to Store and Present Edible Wedding Favors

Are you sending your wedding reception guests home with edible wedding favors? Here are three fun ways to store and present your edible treats for your big day.

Edible wedding favors are thoughtful, easy, and affordable wedding favors for couples who want to give their guests a favor that won’t go to waste. Not only are they practical, they can also be decorative and are very versatile in style, so they can complement just about any decor or color theme you have going on at your event.

Once you decide to give your guests edible wedding favors, though, the next step is deciding how you’ll go about presenting them with your place settings. While a majority of edible wedding favors come prepackaged and are decorative enough to be displayed as is, some need that extra touch to look appealing next to your place settings. Plus, if you package them yourself or add an extra touch, you have the opportunity to use your wedding favors to accentuate your decor theme.

Here are three fun ways to store and present your edible wedding favors:

Personalized jars—This is one of the best ways to store and present your edible wedding favors because you can customize the jar lids with special messages and graphics for your guests. Some jars are glass, so they can show off the colorful, festive jar contents, and some are decorated on the outside, which is great to add a little decorative flair to your tables.

wedding favor jars

Personalized Glass Jar

Wedding favor boxes—A favor box is a very popular storage option for edible wedding favors, and for good reason. Boxes are very affordable and versatile, and you can find them in just about any size or style you prefer.

wedding favor boxes

"Express Your Love" Elegant Icon Favor Box

wedding favor ideas

White "Delivered With Love" Boxes From The Personalized Expressions Collection

Nostalgic tins—Tins with nostalgic themes offer a fun way to store and present your edible wedding favors. While this storage idea works particularly well for weddings with vintage, retro, or pop culture themes, it can still add a romantic, old-fashioned touch to any wedding reception. Mixing vintage and nostalgic themes with modern, trendy decor has been especially popular as of late, so this is a fun option to store and present your edible wedding favors.

wedding favor tins

Fleur De Lis Design Mint Tins

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