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Acquaint Yourself with Wedding Favor Basics

Are you recently engaged and just starting to dip your toes into the wedding planning process? Here are some wedding favor basics that will help you get started. 

When offering wedding favors to your guests, there are some important wedding favor basics that every bride should know. Understanding the basics can help you effectively plan and stick to a budget, choose a gift that your guests will love, and even help you know how to package and present the favors according to the wedding rules of etiquette. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Planning and Sticking to Your Wedding Favor Budget

The first step in this wedding and bridal shower favor basics guide is to plan a budget. Consider how much you can afford. Now, take your guest list and divide your budget amount by your number of guests. This will tell you how much you can afford per guest. Keep in mind, when purchasing your favors, extras like tags, ribbons, and boxes will all need to be accounted for, so you don’t want to look at favors that don’t allow enough room for the little extras.

Why Brides Choose the Extras

You may be wondering why these extras are important. Well, like all things in the wedding planning process, presentation is half the battle. While you don’t have to go all out to make the presentation of your wedding favors special, you do want to consider at least a couple of little extras. There are many available, but for the purpose of covering the wedding favor basics, we will stick to favor boxes, ribbons, bows, cellophane, and organza.

Nailing the Presentation

There are many options for presenting your wedding and bridal shower favors. Many brides leave them on the table at each guest’s spot. Other brides are saddened by the number of gifts left behind at weddings and want to try and minimize this occurrence. For these brides, offering gifts at the door while checking out coats might be a suitable option. For brides that are planning a formal wedding, instructing the wait staff to present favors on silver trays between courses can provide an elegant touch. Remember, the most important aspect of wedding and bridal shower favor basics is giving a presentation that fits your personality and your wedding.

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