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Unique Personalized Favors that Your Guests Will Love

Personalized favors are already distinct because they’re customized with a special message to your guests, but some are more unique than others. Here are some great favor ideas if you want your reception to stand out on your big day.

If you’re looking for unique personalized favors that your guests will love, the best place to start is personalized favor options. There are tons of great customized favors to choose from, but some are just more unique than other standard wedding favor ideas. You can find unique personalized favors that are practical, stylish, and that will still let you enjoy the customization that makes your guests feel special and appreciated.

Check out any of the following unique personalized favors to make your wedding favors stand out at the end of the day:

Personalized Expressions Collection Tissue Favors—They might just shed a tear during your wedding reception, so it’s a good idea to have tissues on hand, right? Your guests will love taking these personalized tissues home, and they’ll actually go to use! They come in travel pack sizes and can be customized with an array of different colors, themes, and titles.

personalized wedding favors

Personalized Expressions Collection tissue favors

“Noteworthy Couple” Personalized Journal and Pen—Forget boring old chocolates and instead give your guests something that will come in handy day after day. These journal and pen sets won’t look like favors you’ll find anywhere else because they’re completely customizable. You can personalize them from choosing from twenty different designs.

wedding favors

"Noteworthy Couple" Personalized Journal and Pen - Wedding

“Perfectly Suited” Playing Cards in Personalized Travel Case—You can definitely surprise everyone with these personalized playing card favors. You can choose from a handful of designs and personalized messages for the cards, as well as customized stickers for the front of the travel cases that they come presented in.

card wedding favors

"Perfectly Suited" Playing Cards in Personalized Travel Case

Personalized Expressions Collection Key Chain Bottle OpenersTalk about multitasking! These multifunctional key chain bottle opener favors will impress your guests, and they can make them feel special at the same time while sporting a personalized message from you and the groom. They are some of the most unique personalized wedding favors that you can give on your big day.

wine wedding favors

Personalized Expressions Collection Bottle Opener/key Chain Favors

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