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Unique Wedding Favors that aren’t Easily Forgotten

Want to give your guests unique wedding favors that aren’t easily forgotten? Many wedding favors are unique, but some stand out more than others and make an impression right off the bat. Check out some of these favor ideas if you want your favors to be memorable.

Brides love to give unique wedding favors to their guests. As a bride, you likely know what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence—to be a wedding guest yourself. It’s easy to forget the favors you were given, even shortly after the wedding day has come and gone. Unless they have a truly unique design or purpose, it’s likely the favor won’t make much of a ripple in your memory bank.

If you want your special day and your wedding reception to stick with your guests long after they attend, consider some of these unique wedding favors:

Pure Beeswax Candles—If you’re having a vintage wedding or a natural theme that embraces eco-friendly chic and the essence of Mother Nature, these Pure Beeswax Candles will really stand out when you present them to your guests next to their place settings. They are made with a honeycomb pattern and have realistic bee designs perched on the top, and they come packaged in wooden, earthy-looking frame boxes to top off their unique presentation.

unique wedding favors

Pure Beeswax Candles

“Good Fortune” Fortune Cookie Place Card Holders—Whether you plan on having an Asian-themed wedding or you simply want to incorporate a fortune theme throughout your wedding decor, these place card holders stand out and make an impression upon first sight. They hold place cards that look like realistic fortunes, and their silver, polished look is ideal for complementing any contemporary style. A great choice if you are looking for unique favors.

asian wedding favors

"Good Fortune" Fortune Cookie Place Card Holder

A “Grate” Love Collection Cheese Graters—Talk about cute and practical. These cheese graters come wrapped with adorable “A Grate Love” tags and have little heart accents embedded into the tops above the grater holes for that extra touch. These graters will catch everyone’s attention right away and will be useful for years to come. These unique wedding favors won’t be easily forgotten, that’s for sure.

practical wedding favors

A"Grate" Love Collection Cheese Grater

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