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Use Wedding Favor Ribbons to Enhance Your Favors

So you’ve got the perfect wedding favors, but now what? Try using wedding favor ribbons to enhance the presentation of your favors for your guests!

So much focus is often placed on finding the perfect wedding favors that many many brides forget the little details that can make a big difference in the presentation of the favors, such as wedding favor ribbons. As excited as you may be to find those dream favors that beautifully complement the look of your wedding reception, never underestimate the power that little details like wedding favor ribbons have on how your guests perceive their gifts!

Now, before you wonder what the wedding favor ribbon fuss is all about, consider what a card and bow do for a Christmas or birthday present. Those details aren’t nearly as exciting as the gift itself, but they are small, special touches that bring an element of personalization to the gift. And everyone appreciates and prefers personalized wedding favors over a generic one. This is what wedding favor ribbons do for your wedding favors—personalize them and give them an extra dash of decoration.

“Sweet Send-Off” Ribbons

We love recommending our “Sweet Send-Off” Ribbons. They come in thirteen different colors and 100 ft spools, and you can pick from four different font designs, heart or dove icons, and silver or gold imprint colors. You can place all kinds of messages or text on them, including your names, your wedding date, or even song lyrics that mean something to you. “Thank you for coming,” is a simple yet thoughtful message that also works well.


"Sweet Send-Off" Ribbons

"Sweet Send-Off" Ribbons

Using Your Wedding Favor Ribbons

The functionality of wedding favor ribbons is another reason we love them. You can tie them around your wedding favor gift boxes, or you can use them to decorate your table settings by tying them around your napkins, silverware, or even your floral arrangement vases. Get creative and think outside of the box when using personalized ribbons. When it comes to dressing up your favors, your options are really endless with wedding favor ribbons.

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