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Wedding Favor Ideas for Small Weddings

When it comes to gifting your wedding guests with wedding favors, if you’re having a small wedding, you have advantages that many brides do not.

Small, intimate weddings can be great to plan, even when it comes to wedding favor ideas. That’s right—even the minor details such as wedding favors matter, especially so with a small wedding! Even if you aren’t having a tiny, intimate ceremony, small to large occasions of thirty guests or less open you up to tons of great wedding favor ideas.

Similar to gifting your bridal party, gifting your guests with wedding favors becomes easier and more personal. Not only do you have to shop for a more targeted group of people with specific tastes, but you also have more of a budget to work with. What you’d normally have to spend on favors for a large guest list, you’re able to divvy up amongst a much smaller group. Even small budgets for small weddings can go to good use and possibly enhance the quality and nature of the wedding favors that are gifted.

Think Personal

If you want to really wow your wedding guests and make them feel special, finding the best wedding favor ideas is the best way to do that at a small wedding. The favors you give are those last final touches that tell your guests just how much you appreciate them. The favors give everyone something to remember your special day by, which is even more significant when the occasion is so intimate. Try giving everyone hand-carved jewelry, ornaments, or pieces of art. Personalized CDs and gift certificates are also excellent ideas to make your wedding favours for a small wedding as personal as possible.

Think Specific

You’ll also want to think specific when choosing the best wedding favor ideas for a small wedding. Identify what your friends and family like and what they would enjoy, and then splurge on those items. Gourmet chocolates, specialty trinkets, or a fine bottle of wine all have the potential to win your guests over. Whatever you choose, keep things personal and keep specifics in mind when shopping for wedding favor ideas for your intimate affair.

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