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Wedding Favor Ideas for Movie Lovers

Seeing stars? If you or your partner gravitate toward the big screen and you know many of your guests are movie lovers, too, why not send everyone home with wedding favor ideas that are perfect for movie buffs?

Wedding favor ideas for movie lovers give everyone a chance to get together and enjoy a good blockbuster hit. Whether your wedding guests use your favors during cookouts, campouts, or pool parties, any get-together can be enhanced with some great snacks and a cozy movie night. Any of these wedding favor ideas for movie lovers will be appreciated by your guests, regardless of where they fall on the movie buff scale.

Hollywood Movie Themed Place Card/photo Frame

Hollywood Movie Themed Place Card/photo Frame

Movie Themed Photo Coaster Sets

Movie Themed Photo Coaster Sets

Tickets or Gift Cards

Each year, movie tickets seem to get more and more expensive. It can be a fortune to take the family to the movies, and it can even be pricey just for a night out at the theater as a couple. No, you might not be able to spring for gift cards or tickets that cover the entire cost of a theater bill for each of your wedding guests, but every little bit helps. Try gifting them with cards that are worth $5 or $10 each. You’ll likely be spending this amount on other favors anyway, especially when you factor in shipping costs and extras like decorative packaging.

Name That Star!

Think your guests know their stuff? Give them a real movie-lover challenge with movie trivia card games. They’re affordable, readily available at a number of local retail stores, and are an ideal size for filling your favor bags, pails, or large favor boxes. Guests of all ages can enjoy movie trivia games. These games are often comprised of challenges such as “Name That Star” or “Name That Oscar,” which lets you guess who won an Oscar, and for which film.

Goodie Bags

A movie night just isn’t a movie night without some truly indulgent snacks. Goodie bags are some of the best wedding favor ideas for movie lovers. You can mix up your wedding favor bags with treats like popcorn, Sno-Caps, or even ingredients for some yummy s’mores.

Also, why not send everyone home with the latest DVD release? Stick the DVD in with your snack goodie bags, and your guests will have everything they need for a fun movie night right at home. Consider using any of these wedding favor ideas for movie lovers on your big day.

Clapboard Style Placecard Holder

Clapboard Style Placecard Holder

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