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Fall Wedding Favors that Will Amaze Your Guests

Fall weddings are full of warmth, closeness, and intimacy. Check out these fall wedding favors that will convey this message to your guests.

Do you want fall wedding favors that will amaze your guests? If so, your best approach is to convey the warmth, closeness, and intimacy of the season. For most people, fall means long walks, hot cocoa by the fire, and family moments. Choose the right fall wedding favors, and your guests will feel like they are a part of something really special.

Pine Scented Favors

The scent of pine almost instantly invokes the feelings associated with fall. There are many types of pine scented fall wedding favors that will amaze your guests. A couple of examples include pine scented pine cone candles, pine scented candle tins, and pine cone sachets. You can even go for actual pine cones with personalized wedding tags to give your wedding a natural and eco-friendly flair.

Pumpkin Scents

Pumpkin scents are another way to bring the essence of fall to your wedding. Pumpkin pie is one of the most common and enjoyable foods of the season, so why not share this wonderful scent with your guests? This can be done through pumpkin scented candles, but if you want luxurious fall wedding favors that will amaze your guests, you can find pumpkin spice bath salts as well.

The Colors of Fall

During fall, there’s nothing like seeing the leaves of the trees start to change. If you want to find fall wedding favors that will amaze your guests, you may want to try looking for wedding favors that include leaves. Place card holders, votive candle holders, wine stoppers, and more can be found in the shapes of leaves. Place card frames, cappuccino packets, and more can also be found with fall leaf embellishments, and they are all definitely fall wedding favors that will amaze your guests.

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