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Ways to Distribute Your Wedding Favors

Have your wedding favors but don’t know how you should present them to your guests? Here are some fun ways to distribute your wedding favors at the reception.

Shopping for favors is fun, but once you choose the perfect gifts for your reception guests, it’s time to find different ways to distribute your wedding favors. Depending on the size and the extravagance of your wedding, you may or may not have room for your favors on your reception tables.

Consider the size of your favors and the space you have at your reception, and then check out any of these ways to distribute your wedding favors:

Next to your place settings: The most traditional way to distribute your favors is to place them next to your place settings. Granted, this method is used assuming your favors are small enough to fit near your reception tableware and floral centerpieces. Your place setting areas can become rather crowded, so if your favors are wrapped in extensive packaging, are bulky, or risk being ruined by food and drink, opt to distribute them elsewhere.

On a separate table: Whether you set up a small favor table near your receiving table or near the doorway, this is one of the best ways to distribute your wedding favors. Having a designated “guest gift” table is fun because you can decorate it and use it to enhance the theme of your reception, and it also gets the favors out of the way, so you don’t have to take up your place setting space. Using a favor table near the entryway is also nice because your guests can simply pick up their favors as they make their exit.

With an usher: Using an usher to pass out your wedding favors is a fun way to display and distribute them. You can choose your cute flower girl or ring bearer and have them make their rounds to each table, handing out the favors from a basket, or you can hire an usher, friend, or family member to staff the favor table near the entryway at the end of the reception to make sure each guest receives their gift.

These are some of the more popular ways to distribute your wedding favors, although you can get creative as you want.

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