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Tips for Picking Out Wedding Shower Favors for a Friend’s Shower

Have you been chosen as a maid of honor or bridesmaid and now you’re responsible for planning a wedding shower? Whether you’ve been chosen or you volunteered to help with the task, keep these tips in mind to help choose the right favors for your friend’s big day.

Whether you’ve been enlisted to help pick out your friend’s wedding shower favors or the wedding favors for the actual wedding reception, choosing favors for someone else can seem like a tough task. Not only do you have to take things like budget and style into account, but you also want to pick a type of favor that your friend’s guests will love.

Communicate and Be Specific

Since every bride’s style is different, choosing the perfect wedding shower favors or gifts for the wedding reception guests requires you to be in constant communication with the bride. You need to be clear about what she likes or doesn’t like, and you also need to know which themes or color schemes she plans on using for her big day. Additionally, you have to clarify how many guests will be attending, and which types of wedding favors may not suit the types of guests that are attending.

Tips for Surprise Showers

Talking to the bride about picking the right favors is an easy thing to do if you are working together, but what about deciding on favors when the wedding shower is a surprise for the bride? When you are completely clueless about whether or not your friend or her guests will like the favors you pick out, the next best thing you can do besides talk to the bride herself is to talk to another immediately family member.

Find out what kind of shower they think she’d like to have, and between the information they relay to you and the facts you already know about your friend, chances are you’ll do a great job at picking out the perfect favors. Remember to take her personality and her tastes into account, and when in doubt, opt for the most versatile wedding shower favors you can find.


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