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Fillable Wedding Favors for Your Wedding

Fillable wedding favors offer a large number of benefits. Find out more about these popular wedding favors and how to choose the ones that are right for your wedding.

Fillable wedding favors for your wedding offer a large number of benefits. They are affordable and they are fun to fill. They can be personalized and they can even be embellished with your own little touch. The following ideas can help you choose the right fillable wedding favors for your wedding.

Consider What You Will Fill Them with

Before you choose fillable wedding favors for your wedding, it is important to consider what you will fill them with. If you want to simply go with chocolates or candies, you can choose anything from organza boxes to miniature pails. If you want to fill your favors with something like CDs or notes, however, your options will be a little more limited. For these fillers, try to consider the size and shape of the gifts you plan on using. Also consider if there is a theme behind your filler that you want to convey with the packaging.

"Autumn Elegance" Laser-Cut Fall Leaf Favor Box

"Autumn Elegance" Laser-Cut Fall Leaf Favor Box

Damask Design Mint Tins

Damask Design Mint Tins

White "Delivered With Love" Boxes

White "Delivered With Love" Boxes

Consider Your Budget

While fillable wedding favors for your wedding are often less expensive than other options, they can still be a little pricey depending on the style, size, and intricacy of their designs. Carefully consider your budget when choosing your fillable wedding favors. Also remember to add in the cost of the items that you will be filling them with. The gifts you choose to place in the fillable favors can also add up rather quickly, especially if you forget to budget them beforehand. Be realistic about the gifts you give and account for the entire price early on.

The Overall Theme of Your Wedding

Like all things you choose for your wedding, you want to consider the overall theme of your wedding when choosing wedding favors. This can help to keep the theme consistent throughout your event, helping your guests feel like they have stepped into your signature wedding world. This is probably one of the most important considerations when choosing fillable wedding favors for your wedding.


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