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Help Your Guests Freshen Up with Mint Tin Wedding Favors

Every wedding guest can use some freshening up at some point during the wedding reception. Make it easier for them by providing them with mint tin wedding favors!

Mint tin wedding favors offer a number of different benefits for brides and grooms on their wedding day, but one of the most obvious benefits has to do with providing a convenience for their guests. If you want to give your guests gifts that keep on giving throughout the reception and once the party is over, mint tin wedding favors may be the perfect favors for your occasion.

From the time the reception starts to the time it ends, your guests and your bridal party are spending long hours at the table and on the dance floor. Having some mints right on the reception tables not only decorates your tables and adds to your wedding theme, but it also gives everyone easy access to freshen their breath. Your guests will especially appreciate this during and after the meal or after long hours of not being able to brush their teeth.

Aside from décor and fresh breath, another advantage of giving mint tin wedding favors is the use of the tin itself. Once your guests use up all of the mints–whether it’s during or after the wedding– the decorative tins that hold the mints can be saved as keepsakes and used to store other items. Depending on the size and style of tins you give, your guests can easily use them to store little office supplies like paper clips or staples, or they can continue to reuse them as mint tins by refilling them with new breath mints or other candies.

LOVE Design Mint Tins

LOVE Design Mint Tins

'Mint to Be' Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints

'Mint to Be' Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints

Try the Clear Top Mint Tin Favors if you want tins that can hold a good amount of candy or mints, or the “Simply Sweet” Round, Personalized Candy Tins. The round tins also have clear tops so you can see the contents, but you can customize them with a number of pretty label designs and graphics, and you can use any text to customize a message to your guests. Give everyone something they can use to freshen up during and after the reception by providing them with stylish mint tin wedding favors!


Clear Top Mint Tin Favors

Clear Top Mint Tin Favors

"Simply Sweet" Round, Personalized Candy Tin

"Simply Sweet" Round, Personalized Candy Tin

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