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Choosing Nice Wedding Favors Without Breaking the Budget

Weddings are an extremely expensive event to plan, so if your budget is stretched to the max and you need a few ways to save money, you can still choose nice wedding favors on a budget.

You can save some money choosing nice wedding favors without compromising on the style and quality of your wedding. You just have to choose your budget wedding favors carefully. Here are a couple of tips to help you find gorgeous wedding favors that won’t break your wedding budget.

Try Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favors

The slogan “time is money” holds true with most everything, and wedding favors are no exception. If you have some extra time to spend and perhaps a willing fiancé to help you out, you can save money by making your wedding favors yourself, or at least by assembling a few pre-made items yourself.

Opt for Favors That Do Double Duty

If you choose wedding favors that can decorate your reception tables and serve as wedding favors at the same time, then you can help shave at least a few dollars off of your decorating budget. Small floral arrangements or decorative candles will look beautiful on your table, and your wedding guests can take them home as gifts at the end of the night.

Small candles are some of the best items for cheap wedding favors because you can have them custom made with your name, and your wedding details can be described on the votive. You can arrange them around a larger candle or floral arrangement on the wedding table, and when the reception is over, your guests can take them home and hold onto them as a keepsake of your wedding.

Damask Vellum Shades

Damask Vellum Shades

Interlocking Hearts Design Favor Saver Candles

Interlocking Hearts Design Favor Saver Candles

Consider Edible Favors

If you consider yourself to be good at baking, you can save money on your wedding favors by making goodie bags of cookies or brownies. Making the food yourself saves you the money of having them made by a gourmet baker. Create custom decorated goodie bags to hold them, and you will have wonderful wedding favors to go along with something more permanent, like the wedding favor candles.

Silver "Delivered With Love" Boxes From The Personalized Expressions Collection

Silver “Delivered With Love” Boxes From The Personalized Expressions Collection

"Gra-TEA-Tude" Tea Box with Tea Bag Kit

“Gra-TEA-Tude” Tea Box with Tea Bag Kit

Wedding favors don’t have to be expensive in order for your guests to enjoy them. You can save some money by opting for inexpensive wedding favors that will allow you to make up for the other expenses. Take the time to look for nice wedding favors that won’t break the bank.


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