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Deciding to Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Grab some cute supplies and put your thinking cap on. You can make your own wedding favors in a flash!

Instead of purchasing expensive wedding favors for your wedding, you can buy some supplies and make your own wedding favors. This can give your wedding favors more of a personal touch and save you money, too. All you need is a great idea and some fun supplies to help you make your own wedding favors.

Before you can make your own wedding favors, you need to consider what it is that you want to say to your guests. Considering some key questions can help you to do this.

How did you meet?

What is the theme of your wedding or reception?

Is your wedding during a special holiday?

How formal is your reception?

What activity do the two of you like to do as a couple?

What is a characteristic or quality that defines you as a couple?

Do you have a special memory or moment that you want to share with others?

Once you have determined the message that you would like your wedding favors to convey, it is time to get to work! Your favors can be items that you purchase at a store, items that you handcraft, or even a poem or song that can be elegantly scripted on a decorative type of paper. It’s completely up to you how elegant, romantic, or formal you want your wedding favors to be. That is one of the best parts about being able to make your own—they can be made however your heart desires.

Lastly, you need a way to blend your wedding favors with your wedding bags. The type of wedding favor bags you choose will depend on your wedding favor choices. Creating a CD with your favorite songs could lead you to create a CD cover that has a photograph of the two of you on the front. If you choose seashells because you had your first date on the beach, perhaps you could use a sand pail as your wedding favor bag. The idea is to carry over your wedding favor theme to your wedding favor bags.

The cost of a wedding can add up quickly. This is especially true when you want to provide wedding favors to all of your guests. However, if you want gifts with a more personal touch which can also save you a little money, then grab some great favor supplies and make your own wedding favors.

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