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The Way to a Guest’s Heart is Through Edible Wedding Favors

No doubt about it, edible wedding favors make a wonderful impression. They go straight past the stomach and directly to the heart.

You cannot go wrong with edible wedding favors. For centuries, in many different cultures, the idea of cooking a meal or giving food to someone was seen as the highest form of hospitality and in some cases flattery. There is something about putting your heart and soul into a certain recipe or dish you prepare. When you share it with someone, it automatically becomes an expression of love and gratitude. Even though small, store-bought wedding favor treats may not carry the same weight as a good ol’ home cooked meal, edible wedding favors still make a statement. Giving a portion of a treat to someone still signifies an indulgence of some sort, or something special that is restricted for certain occasions.

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The same can be said of your wedding guests. A way to a guest’s heart is through a delectable sweet concoction—any kind you desire to give. A perfect source for edible favors is Godiva Chocolate. Godiva offers a wide range of options including heart shaped milk chocolates wrapped in pretty white and blue gift boxes, assortments of sophisticated truffles, and seasonal specialties like ice cream flavored truffles. Many of these treats can be ordered in small portions which come individually wrapped and ready to go for your guests. The Godiva Milk Chocolate Couture Favor is an elegant chocolate wedding cake design wrapped in a sleek white box with decorative ribbon. Filled with creamy dark chocolate ganache, this favor will make your guests melt.

Different kinds of mints are also excellent favors, and you can place them in unique tins such as the “Dressed to the Nines” Wedding Dress or Tuxedo Mint Tin, or the adorable “Mint to Be” Bride and Groom Tin, which already comes with adorable heart shaped mints. Whether you would like to go with couture chocolates or refreshing mints, always consider your own homemade treats as well. Depending on the size of your wedding this can prove to be a hefty task, but if you are up for the challenge and you have a particular special recipe that you’d love to share, it is worth the extra effort for your guests. Their hearts and stomachs will thank you!

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